Struggling with Retail Sales in Stone Fabrication?
You’re Not Alone.

In our journey with Stone Fabricators, we’ve uncovered surprising truths: close rates typically hover around 30%, 40% of sales calls go unanswered, and most sales teams are in the dark on how to close deals. The struggle extends to juggling texts, emails, and phone calls, lacking a true CRM that connects to platforms like Moraware, StoneApp, ActionFlow, or Stone Profits. This fragmented approach leaves the industry navigating without a compass.

Envision a future

where your close rates skyrocket to 70%, your pipeline is full and every single sales call is promptly answered or responded too.  Picture your Sales Team knowing exactly what to do and you getting a report every monday morning of how well your team is doing as well as how to make them better. This isn’t just hopeful thinking; it’s the culmination of years of Grand Onyx’s dedicated innovation to solve the unique challenges stone fabricators face. With our systems and tailor-made training, your team is propelled forward, transforming missed opportunities into sales, all with minimal input required from you. 

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

-James Clear, Atomic Habits

Case Study:

The Countertop Shop doubled their Retail Sales from $1,000,0000 to $2,000,000

for Retail Sales Acceleration with

the Amethyst Method©

for Retail Sales Acceleration with


1. Strategy Before Tactics

Most stone fabricator businesses want to go straight to promotional tactics (i.e. brochures, websites, social media, etc.) and often fall prey to an unsystematic “marketing idea of the week” approach. A well-defined strategy provides an anchor for which all marketing decisions and activities are founded.

2. Customer Experience Foundations

The first interaction with a prospect is critical. And if it doesn't go well, it may be the last interaction. Someone needs to answer the phone or respond to website requests promptly. They need the right information and answers, but they also need to build rapport. If they don't, the potential customer will just click the next link on Google. It's easy for customers to navigate to the competition — too easy. To draw them in, you need to build a strong foundation during the very first interaction. That's where we come in. After reviewing thousands of sales calls, we have identified the tactics that convert a prospect to a sale.

(CAC) Customer Acquisition Cost

When measuring acquisition costs, it doesn’t matter the cost to acquire leads. All that matters is the total cost to acquire an eventual sale. Grand Onyx measures the total cost of getting a lead over the finish line.

Wholesale Penetration Percentage and Cost

Fabricators that wish to grow their presence in the wholesale market (kitchen and bath stores, builders) need to know their market penetration to grow it. Grand Onyx takes a full inventory of the wholesale market in your area to determine your growth potential and measures the cost to do so.

Retail Market Saturation (Recession Alarm)

Knowing the saturation point of your market is an indicator of how to grow and the state of the economy. A saturated market requires innovation to either expand the market or grow by taking market share. We will guide you.

The Grand Onyx POV

8 steps for becoming World Class

Does your stone fabricator business struggle with…

A Proven System Is the Solution

Why recreate the wheel? Scale your stone fabricator business using Grand Onyx’s proven system, training, and ongoing support. Our systematic formula for stone fabricators is built on predictable revenue, stronger margins, company culture and cultivating a community brand. Our System doesn’t just build a World Class business; your business becomes a Legacy.

Customer Satisfaction

In the end, it all comes down to customer satisfaction. Dazzled customers refer you to others and leave five-star reviews. When a customer is unwilling to leave a five-star review, it’s an opportunity to learn and ensure your company provides an exceptional customer experience.

Customer Feedback Score

Grand Onyx gauges the sentiment of your customers to improve the business. When a customer provides a less-than-ideal review, the situation is remedied and learned from.

Google Reviews

Five-star reviews on Google bring in new customers. Grand Onyx gets your five-star reviews on Google through customer follow-up and encouragement, increasing the percentage of customers leaving a five-star review well over the traditional 10-15%.