Retail Sales Acceleration with the Amethyst Method©

Transform your sales force into a powerhouse with our Amethyst Method©. This strategy is a game-changer for retail sales, where each order has 2 to 5 times the profit of a wholesale deal. We’ve built it from the ground up to harness real-time data, provide personalized coaching, and utilize industry-specific technology. With the power of the Rock Report©, you’ll see major gains in how often deals are closed, how much is sold, and the value of each sale. Get ready to break records!

"The Rock Report boosted our sales team's close rates by 15% in just a month by highlighting losses due to pricing and material selection. This deeper understanding helps us refine our offerings as a company which is an AMAZING feeling."

Amanda Krajacic  Sales Manager

In-Depth Market Analysis

Understand the potential within your reach through comprehensive market studies. We delve into population data, keyword trends, and competitive landscapes, ensuring that every move you make is informed and strategic.

Prioritized Action

Instead of spreading efforts thin, the Market Domination Framework focuses on areas with the highest potential for quick wins and substantial growth, making sure your resources are invested wisely for the best returns.

The Grand Onyx Edge

With Grand Onyx, this framework isn't just theoretical—it's a proven path to market leadership. By partnering with us, you're not only adopting a strategy but also implementing a system that has been refined through real-world successes.

Real Results

Businesses that have embraced the Market Domination Framework have witnessed transformative growth, establishing their presence as leaders within their local regions and beyond.

The Amethyst Method Unpacked

A - Assess the Sales Team

Start your team’s transformation with the Rock Report. Within a couple hours we seamlessly integrate with your Moraware, StoneApp, ActionFlow, or Stone Profits. This setup provides instant access to essential sales metrics, laying a solid foundation for your goals.

M - Motivate the Sales Team

Ignite your team's drive with real-time metrics that not only track progress but also inspire them to fully engage with the new processes and reach their goals.

E - Enhance the Process

Simplify and supercharge your sales process with our cutting-edge technology, tailored specifically for the stone industry, to ease the workload and increase efficiency.

T - Train on Tech & Process

We provide in-person & AI assisted training, ensuring your sales team is proficient with the latest technology and methodologies we offer.

H - Hone Their Skills

Sharpen skills with ongoing feedback and weekly coaching sessions, creating a culture of continuous personal and professional growth.

Y - ‘Your’ Goals as Individuals

Align individual aspirations with team objectives by setting personal milestones and tracking achievements.

S - Sales Filled Pipeline

Experience an unprecedented increase in leads with our Market Domination Framework®, designed to fill your sales pipeline to the brim.

T - Transform Your Sales Team

Revolutionize your team’s approach to work, leading to greater job satisfaction and exceptional sales results that reflect in every interaction.

Accelerate Your Growth:

Experience transformative growth with our Retail Sales Acceleration program. Our clients see dramatic increases in close rates, higher average order sizes, and faster sales cycles, outpacing competitors and securing more profit.

Success Highlight: One client boosted their close rate by 50% within the first quarter of implementing the Amethyst Method.

"The Rock Report changed how we view our sales process. Seeing real numbers, real progress, and areas we can immediately improve has been a game-changer."

Don’t let another day pass with untapped potential. Set up the Rock Report for free and start seeing actionable insights in days, not weeks. With our system, you’ll quickly identify how to lift your close rates, increase your average order size, and speed up your sales cycle.

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With our Retail Sales Acceleration solution, the path to enhanced profitability and market dominance is clearer than ever. Let’s transform your sales process together.

Don't let another day pass with untapped potential