Tailored CRM for Fabricators: Pipedrive Customized by Grand Onyx

"The amount of time I spend on lead follow up went from 5-10 hours a week to only a few minutes. I LOVE IT!!!"

Amy Crapes  Sales Manager

The Evolution of CRM for Stone Fabrication that DOUBLES Sales

The world of stone fabrication demands precision, not just in the cutting of stone but in every customer interaction and sales opportunity. That’s where Grand Onyx’s customized CRM solution, built upon the robust framework of Pipedrive, comes into play. With over 300 CRMs analyzed, Pipedrive was selected for its ease-of-use & adaptability, which we’ve enhanced with layers of code to meet the unique needs of stone fabricators.

A Pipedrive Foundation Enhanced for Your Needs

Pipedrive provides a strong foundation with its intuitive interface and powerful sales management tools. Grand Onyx has taken this to the next level, integrating thousands of lines of code to refine and tailor the CRM experience, addressing the common pain points and specific workflows of stone fabricators.

Key Features of Our Custom CRM

Moraware, StoneApp, ActionFlow & Stone Profits Integration

We ensure complete synchronization with the industry's leading software, facilitating a unified approach to managing customer relationships and orders.

Unified Communication Tracking (UCT)

All communications, from texts and calls to emails and voicemails, are automatically tracked, creating a seamless flow of information and ensuring no client interaction falls through the cracks

Email and Text Messaging Synergy

Our system synchronizes with your email client and provides text messaging capabilities directly within the CRM interface, allowing for quick, on-the-fly communication with prospects and customers.

The Nexus Sales Road Map

This strategic addition to Pipedrive provides a predictive guide of choreographed activities to close deals, including video tutorials and process flows for various sales stages, ensuring that sales reps know exactly what to do and when.

Auto-Lead Creation & Assignment

The CRM intelligently creates and assigns leads based on incoming phone calls, ensuring rapid response times and evenly distributed sales opportunities among your team.

The Impact of a Specialized CRM

By incorporating a specialized CRM into your operation, you gain a competitive edge through:

Enhanced Visibility

Gain insights into every stage of the customer journey with full transparency and reporting capabilities.

Streamlined Sales Processes

Benefit from a predefined roadmap that guides your sales team through the intricacies of nurturing and closing deals.

Improved Communication

Centralize all customer communications, making it easier to deliver timely, relevant responses and build stronger relationships.

The Grand Onyx Guarantee

Grand Onyx stands behind this tailored CRM solution with the confidence that it will transform how stone fabricators manage their sales and customer interactions. It's not just about storing customer information; it's about creating a dynamic, responsive, and proactive sales environment that reflects the precision and craftsmanship of the stone fabrication industry itself.

Your Next Step

Discover the potential of a CRM that’s crafted for your industry. Experience the synergy of Pipedrive and Grand Onyx’s custom enhancements tailored specifically for stone fabricators. It’s time to elevate your customer management to a level of excellence that matches the quality of your craftsmanship.

Let Grand Onyx guide you to new heights.

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