Sales Team Transformation Program

"You cant argue with your own voice"

Amanda Krajacic  Sales Manager

Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

Welcome to the Sales Team Transformation Program, designed to rev up your team’s performance effortlessly, like flipping a switch on your best machine. This program is your blueprint for transforming novices into top sales performers with close rates soaring to 70% in just months, and enabling your seasoned salespeople to double their productivity with ease. It’s all laid out for you—self-guided, simple to follow, and requires just showing up and putting in the work. Best of all, our approach is grounded in clear, honest sales practices. No outdated, high-pressure tactics here—just straightforward success.

CRM Mastery

Dive straight into CRM training that fits stone fabricators like a glove. Your team will learn to navigate through sales stages with a set of tasks designed to mirror your customers' buying journey, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. (see an example task here)

CallIQ Insights

Transform every call into a success story. CallIQ analyzes your sales calls, offering clear feedback to refine your approach, ensuring your team communicates with confidence and effectiveness.

Communication Templates

We provide everything your team needs to communicate effectively. With templates based on proven persuasion principles, your sales messages will resonate more deeply with prospects, guiding them smoothly towards a sale.

AI-Powered Feedback

Our AI tools do the heavy lifting in analyzing close rates and pinpointing exactly where deals might be falling short. Whether it's a missed follow-up or a pitch that needs polishing, you'll know exactly where to focus your efforts for improvement.

Personalized Training powered by The Rock Report

Our training is customized for each salesperson, leveraging The Rock Report to identify and enhance areas needing improvement, such as close rates or order sizes. It's focused, effective development for every team member.

Modern Selling Ethics

This program is built on the foundation of modern, ethical selling techniques. It's about creating genuine connections and guiding customers through their buying journey with integrity and expertise.

Start Your Sales Transformation

No fluff, just results. If you’re ready to see your sales team reach new heights of success, it’s time to step into the Sales Team Transformation Program.

Transform your sales team into the powerhouse you know they can be.

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