The Rock Report

Elevating Close Rates to New Heights

The Rock Report has revolutionized the stone fabrication industry by providing an unparalleled depth of sales data analysis. Weekly review meetings harnessing the power of this tool have seen dramatic close rate increases—from the baseline average of 30% to a remarkable near 70%. This page is dedicated to showcasing how The Rock Report empowers fabricators to turn every prospect into a victory.

"The Rock Report boosted our sales team's close rates by 15% in just a month by highlighting losses due to pricing and material selection. This deeper understanding helps us refine our offerings as a company which is an AMAZING feeling."

Amanda Krajacic  Sales Manager

In-Depth Market Analysis

Understand the potential within your reach through comprehensive market studies. We delve into population data, keyword trends, and competitive landscapes, ensuring that every move you make is informed and strategic.

Prioritized Action

Instead of spreading efforts thin, the Market Domination Framework focuses on areas with the highest potential for quick wins and substantial growth, making sure your resources are invested wisely for the best returns.

The Grand Onyx Edge

With Grand Onyx, this framework isn't just theoretical—it's a proven path to market leadership. By partnering with us, you're not only adopting a strategy but also implementing a system that has been refined through real-world successes.

Real Results

Businesses that have embraced the Market Domination Framework have witnessed transformative growth, establishing their presence as leaders within their local regions and beyond.

Sales Performance Mastery

  • Quarterly Analysis: The Rock Report provides a meticulous analysis of quarterly sales performance, offering a clear view of growth trajectories and areas for improvement.
  • In-Depth Deal Tracking: With functionalities that track everything from initial contact to deal closing, fabricators can oversee open deals, understand average order sizes, monitor close rates, and optimize the time to close.

AI-Enhanced Sales Call Analysis

  • Intelligent Call Scoring: Leveraging AI technology, the Rock Report evaluates sales calls, providing scores and constructive feedback tailored to the unique demands of the stone industry.
  • Targeted Training: Sales representatives receive personalized coaching based on their performance metrics, including access to educational resources designed to boost their sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Software Synchronization

  • Industry Software Sync: It’s engineered to work in harmony with leading stone fabricator software, such as Moraware, StoneApp, ActionFlow and StoneProfits, ensuring streamlined operations across all business functions.

Effortless Insight Delivery

  • Hands-Off Reporting: The Rock Report automates your sales analytics, delivering them straight to your inbox weekly, ready for your Monday morning strategy session – no assembly required!

The Edge of The Rock Report

With The Rock Report, stone fabricators receive more than a traditional sales report. They gain access to a specialized report that understands the nuances of their industry, equipping them with the data and resources necessary to make informed decisions, optimize sales strategies, and ultimately outperform the competition.

Take the Next Step

Unlock Your Sales Potential: Sign up for the free Rock Report to start your Monday with a clear sales strategy. See firsthand how our automated insights can streamline your week and boost your sales performance.

Get the Stone Fabricator’s Edge!

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