Market Expansion Strategies for Stone Fabricators

"I HAVE to hire more sales reps to work on Saturdays. We had 12 cars in the parking lot when we only used to get a couple!"

Mike Langenderfer  Owner 

Strengthening Your Local Community Presence

In the stone fabrication industry, becoming a pillar in your local community is crucial. It’s important to fully establish your business locally and ask, "Is my company as successful as it can be right here in my community?" and "Are we using our equipment to its full capacity?" Focus on maximizing local success first.

Smart Expansion with the Market Domination Framework

Grand Onyx guides you with our Market Domination Framework to ensure your business is the top choice in your community. We’ll help you dominate locally, then replicate that success in new areas, keeping your operations busy and your growth consistent.

Innovating with In-Home Market Expansion

Venture into new regions effortlessly with Grand Onyx's in-home strategy, which bypasses the need for costly showrooms and additional sales staff. This personal approach not only trims overhead expenses but also fosters trust and connection in fresh markets, streamlining your expansion as customers experience your exceptional work right where it matters most — their own space.

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