Empowering Your Sales Team

Building a Top-Tier Sales Team in the stone industry can be tricky. There’s a lot to figure out, from improving how many deals you close to making sure your team knows how to use the tools they have. It’s tough to keep everyone motivated and even harder to get new tech adopted without making work harder. That’s where Grand Onyx steps in, turning these big questions into clear answers.

Our promise is straightforward: if our system doesn’t make things easier for your salespeople, they don’t have to use it. We believe technology should help, not hassle. So, we build our tools to be so simple and helpful that anyone can start using them right away, without needing a bunch of training.

"You cant argue with your own voice"

Amanda Krajacic  Sales Manager

In-Depth Market Analysis

Understand the potential within your reach through comprehensive market studies. We delve into population data, keyword trends, and competitive landscapes, ensuring that every move you make is informed and strategic.

Prioritized Action

Instead of spreading efforts thin, the Market Domination Framework focuses on areas with the highest potential for quick wins and substantial growth, making sure your resources are invested wisely for the best returns.

The Grand Onyx Edge

With Grand Onyx, this framework isn't just theoretical—it's a proven path to market leadership. By partnering with us, you're not only adopting a strategy but also implementing a system that has been refined through real-world successes.

Real Results

Businesses that have embraced the Market Domination Framework have witnessed transformative growth, establishing their presence as leaders within their local regions and beyond.

Transforming Potential into Performance

Retail Sales Acceleration with Process & Tools That Work

The Amethyst Method© and tools like CallIQ™ and The Rock Report© mark the beginning of this transformation. They bring clarity, direction, and actionable insights, setting the foundation for unparalleled sales success.

Cohesive Customer Journeys

We ensure no communication is lost—texts, emails, phone calls are all integrated seamlessly with platforms like Moraware, StoneApp, ActionFlow, or Stone Profits. This unified approach guarantees a frictionless experience for your clients and a streamlined process for your team.

AI-Driven, Customized Training

Training at Grand Onyx transcends one-size-fits-all. AI delves into individual performance, spotlighting both areas for growth and bright spots of success. Each salesperson receives training tailored to their unique profile, ensuring they not only meet but exceed their potential.

Step Into a World of Sales Mastery

With Grand Onyx, the path from current challenges to a future of sales mastery is not just envisioned—it's executable. Our suite of solutions embodies years of innovation, crafted with stone fabricators' unique needs in mind.

"Empowerment is the key to a motivated sales team. Give them the tools to succeed, trust in their abilities, and they will exceed your expectations."

Jill Konrath

Empowerment, excellence, and unparalleled growth await. With Grand Onyx, your sales team’s transformation is just a decision away.

to see how your team is doing today and discover their full potential.

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