Winning Over Builders and Designers in Stone Fabrication

In our journey with Stone Fabricators, we’ve uncovered surprising truths: close rates typically hover around 30%, 40% of sales calls go unanswered, and most sales teams are in the dark on how to close deals. The struggle extends to juggling texts, emails, and phone calls, lacking a true CRM that connects to platforms like Moraware, StoneApp, ActionFlow, or Stone Profits. This fragmented approach leaves the industry navigating without a compass.

Confronting the Challenges of Wholesale Relationships

Creating solid partnerships with builders and designers is pivotal in stone fabrication. Yet, building these relationships often means breaking through the barrier of existing ones, which is far from simple. How do you sway them to transition to your services when they have a long-standing supplier? The key is not just to meet but to surpass their current expectations and provide undeniable reasons to partner with your company.

Providing Hope with Proven Solutions

Amidst these challenges, Grand Onyx illuminates the way with the MASON Approach — a strategic blend of methods tailored to understand and overcome the hurdles of changing allegiances.

Insightful Analysis

We conduct in-depth market studies that dig into the specifics of what attracts builders and designers, positioning your business as the superior choice.

Value-Driven Propositions

With carefully crafted propositions, we communicate the distinct advantages of your services, giving builders and designers strong incentives to choose you.

Relational Dynamics

We focus on fostering enduring relationships, ensuring that every outreach step is about more than just sales — it's about establishing lasting connections.

Nurturing Growth

We are dedicated to nurturing these new connections, providing ongoing support that solidifies initial transactions into long-term partnerships.

Explore the MASON Approach

This journey is about more than just overcoming the challenges of today; it’s about setting your business up for sustained success. With the right strategies and support, the difficult process of winning new wholesale partners becomes smoother. Turn the ‘hard to win’ into ‘hard to leave’ with the MASON Approach.

and discover how the MASON approach can transform your wholesale relationships.

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