You can’t manage it if you don’t measure it.

Grand Onyx enters every partnership committed to growing revenues, cultivating your brand, and building a World Class Business. To turn your company into a legacy, we utilize time-proven metrics to understand current performance and take it to the next level.

Refining the process over a decade, Grand Onyx implements our measurements with little employee interaction. We cultivate complete employee buy-in and a commitment to ongoing improvement. Your people are your biggest asset and your greatest opportunity to achieve excellence. 

Grand Onyx metrics are leading indicators, constantly updated to tell you how you’re performing. With ongoing measurement, the results will show on that crucial lagging indicator, your income statement.


Hiring is one of the biggest challenges for fabricators in a competitive labor market. Hiring and retaining outstanding people is a tremendous competitive advantage. Every employee you retain does not fill a competitor’s need to hire.

To measure hiring, Grand Onyx utilizes three core metrics

New Hire Rate

We measure the speed of hiring, which is a crucial planning tool as sales continue to grow, and rapidly meeting the need for new employees is essential.

Hire Acquisition Cost

In a competitive hiring environment, there can be a cost to hiring, and it could be substantial. Using proven methods to find and hire new employees, Grand Onyx reduces the cost while accelerating the process.

New Hire Retention Rate

Your outstanding employees are in demand, making employee retention one of the most critical concerns for your company. Grand Onyx measures turnover while discovering why employees leave and the adjustments needed to retain them.


Your company’s success is directly tied to how often the phone rings. Utilizing the metrics that matter, Grand Onyx tailors your marketing strategy to produce ever-growing sales cost-effectively. We define what works in your market and fits your desired business model using three metrics.

(CAC) Customer Acquisition Cost

When measuring acquisition costs, it doesn’t matter the cost to acquire leads. All that matters is the total cost to acquire an eventual sale. Grand Onyx measures the total cost of getting a lead over the finish line.

Wholesale Penetration Percentage and Cost

Fabricators that wish to grow their presence in the wholesale market (kitchen and bath stores, builders) need to know their market penetration to grow it. Grand Onyx takes a full inventory of the wholesale market in your area to determine your growth potential and measures the cost to do so.

Retail Market Saturation (Recession Alarm)

Knowing the saturation point of your market is an indicator of how to grow and the state of the economy. A saturated market requires innovation to either expand the market or grow by taking market share. We will guide you.


Slabs aren’t being cut without sales, and you don’t exist. While your salespeople are focusing on their most current deal, Grand Onyx is evaluating the entire picture. We measure and coach your salespeople to even greater success.

Close Rate

Out of all their leads, how many are your salespeople closing? Often there is a lot of money left on the table. Knowing their close rate, we help them increase it by managing a whole portfolio, not just focusing on the most likely deal in their pipeline.

Prospect Persistence

Missed sales are often the result of too few attempts at customer outreach. Two follow-up calls won’t cut it when six is the magic number. By measuring the persistence of your sales team, it becomes possible to coach them to make the calls that close the deal.

Sales Team Performance

Grand Onyx measures the individual salesperson and the team as a whole. Team coaching, performance knowledge, and incentives tremendously increase your sales.

First Call Score

When a call comes in, does your salesperson give the showroom hours or engage in a conversation to understand the customer’s project and establish a meeting time? By recording incoming calls, Grand Onyx has them graded against an established rubric to coach to maximal first-call effectiveness.

Revenue Forecast

With the proper use of customer relationship software (CRM), your salespeople will track deals based on value, potential to close, and expected timelines. This information makes revenue forecasting possible, helping manage your business to match.

Old Order Recovery

Grand Onyx audits old orders that have been left behind by salespeople focusing on the next deal ahead. Simple follow-up on old deals with a call tremendously boosts revenue for our stone fabricators.

Customer Satisfaction

In the end, it all comes down to customer satisfaction. Dazzled customers refer you to others and leave five-star reviews. When a customer is unwilling to leave a five-star review, it’s an opportunity to learn and ensure your company provides an exceptional customer experience.

Customer Feedback Score

Grand Onyx gauges the sentiment of your customers to improve the business. When a customer provides a less-than-ideal review, the situation is remedied and learned from.

Google Reviews

Five-star reviews on Google bring in new customers. Grand Onyx gets your five-star reviews on Google through customer follow-up and encouragement, increasing the percentage of customers leaving a five-star review well over the traditional 10-15%.

Manufacturing Excellence

Machine Utilization

Do you know how well your machines are utilized? Using our proprietary software, we track machine utilization in real time to improve manufacturing efficiency. Turning 65% utilization into 90% utilization cuts costs and accelerates stone moving out the door into customers’ homes.

Operator Performance

Real-time tracking of machine utilization is shared with operators, making them aware of their own performance. Operators who know they have room for improvement in their work will improve their performance independently.

Change Over Standard Times

Much production machinery downtime results from change over time. Measuring the time it takes for machine changeovers, operators have managed to cut those times in half.