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We want to increase our sales in the higher-margin residential consumer market. What is an effective marketing source for this?

Pay-per-click Google Ads  will put you ahead of the search results in your market and produce well-qualified leads. Combine it with search engine optimization (SEO) to stay on top.

Most people turn to Google to start looking for a local stone fabricator. Being the first company they see is more effective than any other form of marketing. Google Ads and SEO are essential for growing your retail sales.

Google Ads lets you target the most relevant searches in your market and come up first on the search page. If a lead types in “granite countertops,” your ad that includes those keywords comes up before everything else. You get the click and the call for a small fee.

SEO puts you on top of the search results and keeps you there. Even if you’re not running Google Ads, you can still come out on top with continual SEO work on your website. Being number one in search isn’t optional; for stone fabricators, it is crucial.

Take advantage of Google’s free $500 of Google Ads advertising and be the first company customers see.

We spend a lot on marketing but aren’t sure what works best beyond what our customers tell us. Is there a way to find out?

The best way to understand the effectiveness of your marketing sources is by using a resource that tracks everything for you. CallRail will tell you what is generating leads.

To market yourself effectively, you have to know what works best. Pouring money into the least efficient marketing medium is something best left for your competitors to do.

CallRail is a service that empowers your marketing by helping you understand where your best leads are coming from. You can track your calls, texts, and web submissions to measure ad effectiveness.

It does not matter if the ad is online, in print, or by direct mail; CallRail will break down what is producing results and your cost per lead. If two sources account for a high percentage of your leads and have a low cost per lead, do you think you should divert more of your advertising dollars to those sources? You certainly should.

The calls are coming in, but our appointments haven’t increased at the same rate. What’s going on?

The most effective marketing efforts in the world eventually hinge on an interaction, like a phone call or showroom visit. Monitoring phone calls with CallRail will give you the answer.

If leads are coming in, but the customer service performed over the phone isn’t converting them to appointments, they are wasted leads and lost marketing dollars.

By no means does this mean heads need to roll, but it does indicate that some coaching will increase your conversion of leads to appointments and grow sales.

Call recordings aren’t just something you listen to and ascertain what is wrong with the call; they are a coaching tool. CallRail call recordings are an excellent way to listen to a call with your employee, ask what they did and didn’t like about the call, and coach them to tremendous success.

As you hear great calls, don’t forget to praise them.

We have the leads but aren’t converting them at the level we’d like. Where should we start to address this?

Quality leads become sales with repeated follow-ups and ongoing knowledge of where the customer is in the sales process. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool like HubSpot or Pipedrive is essential to both.

A company without CRM software is a company with nearly zero intelligence of what is happening in the process of converting leads into customers. Other than your accounting software, there is no other software with the importance of a CRM.

Your CRM shows you leads, where they are in the process, the communications with them, and conversion rates, as just a few pieces of information you’ll pull from the system. Your top salespeople will utilize this information and continuously follow up with their leads.

Knowing where a lead is in the process and the necessary next sales steps is a way to keep your sales staff making follow-up calls, sending emails, and moving deals forward. If a qualified lead hasn’t had a follow-up call in two weeks, you’ll know and get someone on it.

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