Our machines are overloaded, and we aren’t getting jobs done on time. What should we do first?

How things seem and how they are playing out can be very different. Getting an accurate picture of machine performance is where you start.

It is essential to your operations to know machine performance. Manufacturers have an established baseline for how machines should perform to compare against your machine’s performance. Best of all, they’ll do it for free just for the opportunity to tell you if theirs can do it better.

Make use of this to cut project time and move products through the manufacturing process more quickly.

If operations are lagging, would some new machinery make a difference?

Most likely, inefficiency is the cause of your problem, and new equipment isn’t needed. Find out, and you can quickly correct the issue.

Think of machines like you’re giving them a place to live. They’re not paying their share of the rent if they aren’t running.

Knowing machine downtime and performance is essential data for understanding your production efficiency. Once you know an accurate picture of your downtime and efficiency, actions can be taken to ensure your line is producing closer to its true capabilities.

The real-time data available from your manufacturers or third-party software is invaluable to ensuring your production is on track to meet installation dates. Let operators see their downtime and find ways to speed production; they will compete with themselves for excellent results.

Nothing is worse than calling customers to say their jobs are not ready to install, then watching your calendar backup and realizing slower cash flow. Downtime is a profitability and reputational killer; track it.

Tracking our machines helps, but we’d like to keep our entire pipeline on track, including installation teams. What do you recommend?

If you’re not using project management software like Moraware or Stope App, your projects and cash flow are much slower than they could be.

Anything construction related has a ton of variables that can cause production bottlenecks and missed installation dates. Lousy scheduling and job management can kill stone shops between bringing in the product, manufacturing, and potential installation problems.

The guys that always show up on time get more customers and charge more.

Project management software can be customized to fit your process, or you can use industry-specific apps that are ready to go and already proven. Your project management software will show you where jobs are concerning due dates, help you build in the right amount of slack, and see your pain points in the production process. 

The software will save you money, speed up your cash flow, and help make your production more efficient.

Project management software is another tool that shows you what you might not otherwise know, which results in more informed decision-making in your production.
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