A Sales & Marketing System for Stone Fabricators

Are you a seasoned stone fabricator business owner? Are you working too hard on non-revenue generating areas of your business – or on areas you’re just not passionate about?

You’re an entrepreneur who has implemented sales and marketing tactics before (possibly successful, possibly not), and who understands the value of doing things right. You are in control, extremely responsible, and juggle many important responsibilities. You’ve been in business long enough to deserve to work with only the customers you really want (you know the type – they’re enjoyable, profitable and they refer your business).

Your time is extremely valuable and in short supply. You don’t need just one snazzy marketing campaign or tactic, you need a whole system; a system that can be implemented timely and consistently. 

If this sounds like you, then we understand where you’re coming from.

An end to your sales and marketing headaches.

Think about it. What if:

… you had 100% confidence in your company’s first interaction with a prospect?

… your sales team established relationships and thoughtfully guided prospects through their journey?

… your confidence soared in brand recognition and community trust?

… your Ideal Customers were able to find you online at the exact moment they’re looking for you?

… you were able to find and keep 5-star employees?

… your equipment was at capacity with profitable projects?

… sales and marketing initiatives happened on time every single month?

… you knew exactly what it would take to become World Class?

Grand Onyx empowers stone fabricators to elevate above the countertop dust to view their business in a new light.

The Grand Onyx POV

Grand Onyx was born from a unique System created for stone fabricators built on predictable revenue, stronger margins, company culture, and cultivating a community brand. After a decade of refinement, we know how to implement our World Class Blueprint System™ with minimal employee interaction.

The Grand Onyx POV

8 steps for becoming World Class

Does your stone fabricator business struggle with…

A Proven System Is the Solution

Why recreate the wheel? Scale your stone fabricator business using Grand Onyx’s proven system, training, and ongoing support. Our systematic formula for stone fabricators is built on predictable revenue, stronger margins, company culture and cultivating a community brand. Our System doesn’t just build a World Class business; your business becomes a Legacy.

Community and Support That Is Critical to Your Success

Become a part of a community to collaborate, train and network. The Grand Onyx Network is a community of stone fabricator businesses who connect and learn from each other, create new tools and processes, build invaluable, lasting relationships, and grow their businesses far more profitably.

We’re Here When You Need Us

We promise not to disappear. We know that longevity of use and ongoing support is critical to you. We will continue to provide world-class training and communication, and be active in building and executing your system.


1. Strategy Before Tactics

Most stone fabricator businesses want to go straight to promotional tactics (i.e. brochures, websites, social media, etc.) and often fall prey to an unsystematic “marketing idea of the week” approach. A well-defined strategy provides an anchor for which all marketing decisions and activities are founded.

2. Customer Experience Foundations

The first interaction with a prospect is critical. And if it doesn't go well, it may be the last interaction. Someone needs to answer the phone or respond to website requests promptly. They need the right information and answers, but they also need to build rapport. If they don't, the potential customer will just click the next link on Google. It's easy for customers to navigate to the competition — too easy. To draw them in, you need to build a strong foundation during the very first interaction. That's where we come in. After reviewing thousands of sales calls, we have identified the tactics that convert a prospect to a sale.

3. Sales Team Acceleration

Sales is more demanding than ever before. Customers don't want a pushy salesperson. They want a thoughtful consultant to guide them through the customer journey. Sales reps have to strike a balance. They must follow up quickly, generate quotes, and focus on their closes. But at the same time, they must remember the prospect's preferred contact methods, be ready to answer dozens of questions, and build a relationship with the prospect. Sales enablement technology takes the guesswork out of this process.

4. Turn-Key AdWords Lead Gen

Google AdWords is the fastest internet marketing method. It pays for itself in days rather than months. In just a few hours, we can leverage Google AdWords to make your phone start ringing with prospective customers.

5. Lowering Lead Cost and Increasing Volume

When was the last time you went to the second page of Google or even to the bottom of the first page? If your website is not on the top, you're losing opportunities. The first listing on Google gets the most clicks. This isn't the site that has paid to appear in the ads on the top of the page. It's the website that optimizes its content and authority to secure the top spot for critical keywords. This is a long game, but it is more effective than any other marketing method available today. When you're at the top of the page, customers will find you. They'll raise their hands looking for your services.

6. Building Community Trust and Branding

Building trust is critical. Consumers have more choices than ever before, and they want to trust the brands they work with. When buying something on Amazon, do you choose the product with eight reviews or 800? Your customers have the same instincts. They want to engage with brands that have an overwhelming number of positive reviews. Do you have strong Google reviews? Does your website reflect your competitive strengths? Are you active in the community? Do you engage with the community on social media? Your prospects complete 74% of their product/brand research before they call you. You need to provide them with the details and information they need to make an informed decision about your company.

7. Create a Positive First Impression With a Marketing-Activated Web Presence

Even before the first phone call, your website creates your first impression. In a few seconds, it communicates who you are, what you do, your culture, your investment in technology and your abilities. It needs to impress your prospects. If it doesn't, they're just going to call the next person on Google.

8. Hire for Growth

You can’t grow a company without more people, and they are harder than ever to find. You need talent who can help grow your revenue and conversion rates.

Ready to Become World Class?

You can’t achieve World Class without first defining what it is

Through our complimentary assessment, you’ll learn:

What’s the score that proves you’re better than the rest?

What’s the roadmap to achieve it?

How do you know you’re on track?