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Most stone fabricators struggle for the same reasons:

Does this sound like you?…

Our System for stone fabricators is built on predictable revenue, stronger margins, company culture and cultivating a community brand. This System doesn’t just build a World Class Business, the business becomes a Legacy. 

After a decade of refinement, we know how to make you World Class. We know how to implement the System with minimal employee interaction and complete buy-in.

Our World Class Blueprint System™ is the Solution

  • Website Management​

    • Website updates and hosting
    • Achieve site speed of A
    • Achieve site SEO health of 90%+

  • Marketing / Lead Generation

    • Achieve top 1-3 page ranking in Google for keywords that trigger sales appointments
      • Focus of up to 45-minute radius around physical location (or sub locations)
      • Highlighted locations will be divided into smaller pockets based on client persona (annual income, zip codes, etc.)
      • Google AdWords Management
      • Search Engine Optimization
    • Hi-output Google Reviews solicitation campaign (weekly per location)
    • Live chat setup and chat bot > into CRM
    • Facebook organic posts and Facebook Ads
    • Customized customer Nurturing for longer sales cycles

  • Sales Team Acceleration

    • Record all sales calls and provide call scoring based on Rubric
    • Automatic lead assignment based on salesperson’s voice
    • Automated email and inbound phone call logged to prospect’s file / Moraware
    • Revenue forecasting
    • Salesperson closing %
    • Prospect texting (appointments, questions, communication)
    • 4 CRM licenses for Pipedrive CRM
    • Integration with Moraware (Moraware Quotes sync every hour, Pipedrive Info > New Moraware Quote)

  • Hiring for Growth

    • Culture branding discovery to attract employees with culture fit (with Jellison Group)
    • Content creation to reflect accurate brand and culture (non-video)
    • Facebook Hiring to target ‘A’ employees and natural progression industries. NOT people looking for a Job
    • Geo-fencing campaigns to target highly-qualified applicants (if applicable)

  • Wholesale Outbound Campaign (Recession Protection)

    • Identify all K&Bs, builders, and contractors within a 45-minute radius
    • Build a list with contact info, LinkedIn connections and emails.
    • Create a warm email and bulky mail campaign to trigger interest
    • Grand Onyx will call to book appointments as part of the outreach cadence
    • All bulky mail costs, postage, and software will be billed separately

Our metrics help make smart(er) decisions and AVOID working in the dark. Knowing and discussing key business metrics helps us perform and WIN as a team.

Metrics Used On Your Path to World Class


  • New hire rate
  • Hire acquisition rate
  • New hire retention rate

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer feedback score
  • Google reviews


  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)
  • Wholesale penetration percentage and dollar amount
  • Retain market saturation (recession alarm)

Manufacturing Excellence

  • Machine utilization
  • Operator performance


  • Close rate
  • Prospect persistence
  • Sales team performance
  • First-Call Score
  • Revenue forecast
  • Old-order recovery dollars