How to Cement Your Stone Fabricator Brand

Your stone fabricator brand is the culmination of everything your company does. Installations, customer service, marketing, production efficiency, and sales contribute to brand value.

A brand pulls all aspects of your business together and fosters customer price perception, trust, and even employee satisfaction.

If you take a few minutes to write down the words you associate with your brand, it’ll give you an idea of everything the brand encompasses. Now ask your employees, family, or customers for the words they associate with your stone fabricator brand.

Ways to Cement Brand Value

While your brand reflects every aspect of your company, there are a few steps you can take to truly cement its value and then keep growing it.

1.    Create a memorable logo

A logo should never be something a business owner settles on, and that logo needs to be unique, just like you. In a world more reliant on initial impressions than ever before, your logo sets you apart and establishes the interactions to follow.

Think about your product and reflect it in your logo. Give potential customers a feeling similar to what they want in their homes. If they want clean lines and elegance, employ those cues in logo creation and ask others how they feel when they see it.

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2.    Use high-quality materials for your products

If you want significant brand value but use low-quality materials, you’re undercutting that brand vision. Low-quality materials are noticed. Cheap is a powerful word and will become the first word associated with your brand if your materials aren’t up to par.

Think about your brand for a bit. Do you want people to associate “cheap” or “quality” with it? Do you want to be a Fiat or a Porsche?

Use high-quality materials and aspire to be the Porsche. Your customers will tell their family and friends that they received a quality product, and you can expect referrals.

3.    Offer competitive prices

Competitive doesn’t mean cheap; it means prices that fit your market and the customer demographic you serve. Offering low prices can cheapen your brand. There’s a place for dollar stores, but you want to be something other than the dollar store of stone fabricators.

If you’ve built excellent brand value, you don’t need to haggle on a reasonably priced, quality product. If someone wants the cheapest product, feel free to pass on their business. Your brand reflects fair and competitive prices for excellent service and high product quality. The cheap customer will cost you money as they use up time you could spend serving higher-value customers.

Porsche never tells people, “Sure. We’ll price match that Fiat.”

4.    Provide exemplary customer service

Exemplary customer service means that even minor aspects of the transaction matter. Things as small as your installers wearing company shirts and ensuring they protect the customer’s home do not go unnoticed.

How the phone is answered is the opportunity to start a fantastic customer experience. The experience concludes with a salesperson going to the customer’s home to inspect the installation, ensure they’re happy, and ask for referrals.

Throughout the customer experience, communication will be the most defining aspect of your service quality. Communicate any disruptions to the installation schedule as soon as possible. Provide updates even when everything is moving on time. It’s guaranteed your customers will consider you among their best customer service experiences when you provide exceptional and regular communication.

Will they be happy to give your salesperson referrals after this fantastic experience? Plan on it.

5.    Promote your business online and offline

Marketing is the most crucial function you perform. Your marketing sets the expectations, brings in the calls, and boosts brand value. While you should highly rely on online marketing, using offline resources like local advertisements on tv or in local magazines is effective.

Being visible online and offline builds brand value and brings you more customers to impress with your quality products, fair prices, and superior customer experience. Probe and learn with your marketing channels to find the most effective at getting your business in front of people and producing leads.

Once you find a good mixture of promotional sources, commit to maintaining a consistent level of marketing even during slower periods. You’ll benefit from it year-round.

Additionally, your business is part of the community, and its charitable contributions and community service establish its community standing. Your success is an opportunity to help others and improve the community that makes you a success; get out there and be involved. Sponsorships, donations, and volunteer time will make a difference and contribute to the value of your brand. You promote your company while giving back.

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Your Stone Fabricator Brand Is Everything

These are just a few ways to cement your brand value. Always remember that every part of your company is reflected in that value. If it is all distilled down to the two most essential components of your brand’s value, practice excellence in everything you do and never stop promoting that excellence.

Establishing high brand value is work that pays off. A brand recognized for all the right reasons has a very successful company behind it.

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