Smart Call Dispatch

Efficient communication is crucial in the stone fabrication industry. Our Smart Call Dispatch system ensures that every call is directed exactly where it needs to go—whether that’s to templating, accounting, or scheduling.

Here’s what makes our system indispensable:

Custom Routing

Calls are intelligently routed to any department, ensuring that everyone from sales to support is seamlessly connected.

Simultaneous Ringing

Sales calls can ring on multiple desks at once, or on a salesperson's cell if they're on the move, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Enhanced Accountability

All calls directed to critical departments such as templating, accounting, or scheduling are recorded. These recordings are invaluable for tracking the progress of a job and ensuring that all team members are on the same page.

Automatic Transcriptions

Not only are calls recorded, but they are also transcribed and emailed directly to the recipient. This feature makes it easy to reference call details later and enhances communication clarity.

Missed Call Management

If a call is missed, our system automatically sends a text message to the caller saying, "Sorry we missed your call, how can we help?" This helps maintain engagement and ensures customer satisfaction.

By integrating Smart Call Dispatch into your operations, you ensure that your business not only meets but exceeds the communication standards necessary for today’s fast-paced market. This system isn’t just about handling calls; it’s about elevating your entire customer interaction model to achieve peak efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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