5 Traits to Look for When Hiring Salespeople

Your stone fabricator business depends on the results of your salespeople. You could be the highest quality and most efficient provider, but without sales, that means nothing.

Hiring the best salespeople is the goal, but you have to know the traits to look for that indicate the most excellent chances of success. A salesperson’s desire to succeed is a great trait, but desire alone won’t close deals. All five traits are necessary for a deal closer.

With that said, here are the five most important traits to look for when hiring new salespeople.

They Know How to Listen

A product will never be sold if the salesperson doesn’t understand the customer’s desires, objections, and needs. Listening to what the customer says is essential, and the salesperson must listen before speaking.

At times, they need to ask questions and then listen more. The more they learn about their customers and why they are chatting right now, the more likely they will speak to their needs and desires and show how your company brings the solution.

They are Persistent

Closing a sale might take as many as ten follow-up phone calls, but many salespeople quit after just two. Someone that continues to be persistent and follow up has the most excellent chance of closing a deal.

Salespeople must also be persistent enough to follow up after the installation, ensure their customer is happy, and ask for referrals.

If the interviewee expresses a love for using a CRM for reminders to keep following up, it’s a good indicator that they make more than two calls to the customer and check in after the installation.

They’re Confident

Confidence makes sales. No one will buy from someone who is unsure or timid.

Your salespeople need to exude confidence, believe in the product, and have no problem stating, “We’re amazing.” They use those skills to confidently explain to the customer how your company solves the customer’s needs. If a salesperson confidently presents the solution for the customer’s desires and needs, the customer will choose them almost every time.

They’re Multitaskers

In every sales environment, successful salespeople have to be multitaskers. A salesperson has to be able to manage multiple potential sales, keep following up, attend new sales appointments, provide quotes, and establish new appointments. It’s a lot, and they need to be able to keep it all straight.

Outstanding salespeople often plan each day, separating time to approach each task. Frequently they’ll get interrupted by new demands and still keep pushing forward.

They’re Honest and Care about Their Customers

Ok, we’ve combined two traits, but one typically means the other is also present.

The salesperson who exhibits honesty and caring also knows that closing a deal without using both traits will come back to bite them and the company. They aren’t out to burn bridges but truly solve the customer’s needs. They must know they have the customer’s best interests at heart because that satisfied customer will also drive referrals to them later.

For such a salesperson, it is better to miss out on closing a deal than sacrifice their integrity, honesty, and network of people that trust them. Their daily mission is for the good of their customers and the company.

Exceptional Salespeople Change Companies

Finding a salesperson exhibiting all these qualities is a game-changer for stone fabricators that means more than just increased sales.

These salespeople have delighted customers that refer others and market your company. When your installers go to a job, they are greeted by homeowners who trust them. Finally, they help cultivate a positive culture that filters through the entire company.

The right salespeople bring innumerable benefits to your company and establish themselves as leaders. Everyone depends on their success, and looking for these five traits is essential.

Grand Onyx helps stone fabricators develop strong sales teams that drive continual business growth. To find out how we can help grow your sales, reach out today.

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