Top 5 Ways to Accelerate Sales as a Stone Fabricator

You’ve managed to build a successful business. Your customers are delighted, and you have excellent people working for you. Now it’s time to grow the company and take it to the next level.

Stone fabricators face some unique challenges when it comes to growing their businesses. They have to consistently attract new customers that typically make a single significant transaction and then leverage those customers’ satisfaction to help bring in more business.

Leveraging, measuring, and maximizing the proper marketing channels is essential to keeping new qualified leads coming into your company. Following our five tips, you’ll make the most of your marketing dollars and see your leads and sales jump.

Maximize Social Media

Social media has given local businesses an exceptional tool to ensure they are visible, communicating with potential customers, and leveraging recommendations from existing clients. Your social media presence can be an incredible free promotional tool, and it’s as simple as keeping it updated, asking for customer reviews, and attracting new followers.

Think of your social media pages as an ongoing diary of your company’s community involvement, completed installations, and new promotions. Just like you would a journal, update your company’s social media profiles regularly, if not daily.

Does a new installation look amazing? Share the photos and ask your customers for an online review. Is your company working with a local charity? Let your followers know.

Utilizing your social media profiles is a fantastic way to offer incentives. You can gauge the power of your social media strategy with specials and discounts offered only to those that see the offers on your profile page or in an ad.

An excellent free strategy is hosting a community page about home remodel ideas. Be transparent about your participation and encourage the exchange of ideas, pictures, helpful tips, and announcements. Promote your community as a way for local homeowners to get new ideas and show off their recent home transformations. Your social media community will grow your visibility and validity while giving local homeowners an excellent way to connect and share.

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Optimize Your Website

A company without a website has zero legitimacy. Even if there is a company website, you’re not much better off if it isn’t found or is poorly put together. Your website is a crucial tool that tells customers you exist, you’re legitimate, and why they should use you. It should go without saying; it needs to be great.

A great website will bring in new customers, but only if they see it. Getting your website to appear at the top of Google search results is a competitive edge. The fabricator seen first is most likely to get the call for an estimate.

Website optimization ensures that Google favors your site over others through search engine optimization (SEO). Establishing a blog, inserting relevant keywords, and consistently updating your site are a few methods used in SEO to put you ahead of the pack.

Research what your competitors are doing to come up first in search results and dedicate yourself to beating them at their own game. It’s an ongoing process to rank higher than the competition, and your daily commitment to SEO will undoubtedly produce sales.

Invest in Targeted Online Advertising

Google Ads is outstanding at making the phone ring, especially if your website is yet to rank high in the search results. With Google Ads, your ad is placed above the search results for the relevant search terms you choose. If someone searches for ‘granite countertops,’ your ad will appear at the top of the page, and you’re charged when it is clicked on.

As you run Google Ads, Google’s algorithm will continue to learn what is working best and prompt you to make changes that will produce better and better results. You’ll see which search terms produce and know how well you convert site visitors into qualified leads.

Micro-targeted social media advertising is an excellent and inexpensive marketing tool that drives qualified leads to visit your website or call in and book an estimate. Targeting ads to those that meet very specific demographic requirements is possible. If you know that your customers tend to be females between 35-60 years old and have a family income of $85,000-120,000 a year, target them. Suppose you’re not quite sure whom to target; then experiment. Run an ad targeting different customer segments to see which produces the best results.

Effective social media ads will involve a slide show or video that shows the amazing transformations you’ve crafted for customers and have a promotional offer and call to action.

Send Newsletters to Current Clients and Referrals

Newsletters are an excellent way to stay top of mind with past customers and engage new referrals and leads. Better yet, sending email newsletters is incredibly inexpensive, if not free.

A bi-weekly or monthly newsletter tells your clients about new offerings, promotions, and company news. It’s a spectacular way to bring in people that have yet to pull the trigger and keep your company front and center with past customers that will continue to refer you.

Network through Industry Events and Trade Shows

No matter how digitized the world becomes, shaking hands and handing out swag at events and trade shows will always produce well-qualified new leads. As part of your marketing strategy, have your customer relationship management software always at hand to collect lead information and schedule estimates in real-time to ensure communication begins immediately. Never say, “call us” or “we’ll call you”; set up the appointment now.

Announce your participation in these events across your social media profiles, newsletters, and website. If a potential customer walks into a home show knowing you’re there, they’ll be sure to look for you if you’ve been diligent with your digital marketing strategy. If you’ve engaged them online and met them at the event, an estimate with a high likelihood of becoming a sale is in your future.

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More Sales Lie Ahead

The secret sauce for stone fabricator sales success is a constant commitment to utilizing your digital channels and leveraging events and trade shows. Staying visible, setting yourself apart, and updating customers will keep you at the top of their minds and make the phone ring.

The stone fabricator most seen is the fabricator most called.

Grand Onyx makes the phone ring for stone fabricators. We institute marketing strategies proven to bring in more and better-qualified leads and continue to refine your strategy for optimal results. If you’re ready for consistent growth, let’s put your growth strategy in place today.

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