Give Your Sales People the Ultimate Gift: A Strong Brand

Your brand is everything. It determines the perception of the company, its reputation, quality, and price. A strong brand helps your salespeople with more leads, and more deals closed. It attracts the best talent and retains the great sales talent on your team. Outstanding salespeople prefer to eat steaks over frozen chicken breasts, and your strong brand keeps them in ribeye’s.

A known and respected brand has benefits that keep compounding on themselves, continually growing and improving every aspect of your stone fabrication business. The ultimate acknowledgment of branding success comes from customers that tell you they see you everywhere and hear you’re the best.

Let’s talk about the benefits of exceptional branding for stone fabricators. Done well, your strong brand can set you up for ongoing success.

Attract New Leads

Would you rather be the shop at the home show where people say, “We see you guys everywhere,” or they say, “Okay, tell us about your company?” Guess which one has the far higher chance of closing a deal.

A strong brand brings in leads. More people will visit your showroom, sign up for estimates at industry shows, and call in for quotes.

The best part is the compounding effect that comes with many new leads. Great salespeople become more motivated, and their close rates go up.

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Make More Per Job

Yes, you heard that right. A respected and well-known brand is perceived as being more valuable. Customers are willing to pay more when buying from a name they know. Furthermore, they are happier when they do so.

54% of consumers are willing to pay more for a brand name they know, meaning your salespeople make more on each transaction, and your business is more successful. More so, people generally expect to pay more for a brand that is known and presents itself as delivering a quality product. Do you know anyone who goes to the Mercedes dealership looking to save money?

Recruit New Salespeople

People know your brand, and the business is booming, so it’s time to hire new salespeople to accommodate all the leads. Great salespeople will choose to work for a company with a well-known brand before any other. They know that a prestigious brand with a solid reputation gives them an advantage over every other salesperson in the industry.

With a strong brand, plan on recruiting the best people.

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Get More Referrals

When people choose a brand, they know well and trust, customer satisfaction is higher when the job is completed. The better-known brand will elicit greater customer satisfaction with a nearly identical installation, and brand reputation correlates directly with customer satisfaction.

Delighted customers will always be more than happy to provide referrals to your salespeople; we all know referrals are more likely to become a sale.

Close Sales Faster

Every salesperson wants to close their sales quickly. Their ultimate goal is to close the sale on the first visit or as soon as the estimate is presented. Leads that know your strong brand are more likely to buy right away, making life happier and easier for your salespeople.

Foster Trust

Well-known brands foster trust with consumers. Brand awareness puts a face to a product or service, prompting customers to choose that company over an unknown one. Your salespeople go into a potential transaction with higher trust based on brand association.

Even after the sale, your production team will benefit from that higher level of trust and act in a way that meets the expectations.

Salespeople Take Pride in Their Employer

Everyone wants to work for a well-known company, trusted and respected in the community. Working for a fabricator with a strong brand is a point of pride for a salesperson, and they carry that pride into all of their transactions, making the brand even more valuable.

Your sales team is more engaged, proud to work for your company, and likely to stay with you throughout their careers.

Easy New Product Rollouts

If you add to your product line or roll out a new service, it is much easier for your salespeople to sell it when you have a strong brand. They can easily go back to prior customers and announce the new offering with the expectation that many will take an interest and buy.

Every salesperson loves the potential for easy new sales or add-ons.

It All Compounds on Itself

As your brand stays strong, it keeps compounding on itself, becoming stronger and stronger. You can maintain higher prices, realize the benefits of happier customers, and retain your thrilled salespeople.

Your stone fabrication company benefits in every way from a strong brand. Developing and maintaining that brand is one of your most valuable business practices.

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