How to Promote Your Stone Fabricator Business in 2023

If you’re waiting for customers to come to you, plan on waiting far too much. New leads only come if they know you exist, how to find you, and why you’re the best choice. Growth and profits require ongoing promotion, not hoping someone drives by and sees the sign. Make your stone fabricator business known with effective promotion and plan on flourishing.

Know Your Target Market

Markets are all different, and knowing and matching your market’s needs are the keys to successful promotion. Market knowledge starts with knowing who you’re competing against and what are your most successful customer demographics and their needs.

You’ll break it down within your geographic market into multiple, more specific markets, each with different needs. There will be cost-conscious consumers, quality-first buyers, people that love very profitable add-ons like sinks and faucets, and industrial clients, to name a few individual markets.

Which market(s) have you traditionally served and found excellent success serving? Are there new markets you want to explore?

Knowing your targets and how you meet their needs, let that knowledge guide your promotion strategy.

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Increase Your Website Traffic

Your website is one of your most valuable business assets. Done right, it tells potential customers what you do, sets the stage for your specific market, and moves people to act. Getting people to your website before a competitor’s is a huge win and the most critical component of promoting your business.

So, you have an attractive and effective website; how do you get customers to visit?


Most of a fabricator’s new leads looked around the house, thought, “It’s time for an upgrade,” and jumped on Google to search for local providers. Potential customers are unlikely to click through multiple pages of search results meaning the websites at the top of those search results get the business.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of moving a website up in the search results to be among the first a potential customer sees. Experts help move the sites to the top of the results with constantly updated content that includes the related terms searched by your customers as the central part of their strategy. As Google finds your SEO-optimized content, it keeps ranking your site higher and higher.

Another part of the SEO strategy involves link building. As your site points to authoritative sites and authoritative sites point to your website, its value increases and increases the rankings.

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Google Ads

Above the Google search results are paid ads that bring customers to the advertiser’s website. It’s great to be at the top of the search results, but it gets even better when a Google Ads strategy is used in conjunction with an excellent SEO strategy.

Potential customers now see you even if your site doesn’t rank for the term they used to search. If you do rank highly, they see you twice.

Google Ads are inexpensive, effective, and immediately boost your business.

Improve Brand Awareness Online

While your website works when people contemplate using a stone fabricator, social media, YouTube, and other resources help them realize it’s time for an upgrade, and they know you’re the company to do it.

Social media pages like Facebook and Instagram show off your fantastic product, give people tips about home improvement, and tell them which home show you’ll have an exhibit. Your fabrication business fosters an emotional connection with interesting and regular posts that drive people to your website and offer them other ways to contact you.

Sharing effective and instructive videos from your YouTube channel engages people in ways your competitors do not and increases your perceived brand value.

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Start Promoting Yourself Today

New customers are out there looking for the solutions you offer daily. Innovative promotion tells them you exist and you match their needs.

If you understand your market, get your website in front of them, and cultivate brand value online, your stone fabrication business only has growth ahead of it.

Grand Onyx helps stone fabricators become world-class businesses with effective marketing, winning sales strategies, and new manufacturing efficiencies. An effective promotion strategy is only a short message and button push away.


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