Find Out Why Employees are Leaving To Keep Them

Find Out Why Employees are Leaving - Grand Onyx

Losing great employees is painful for your company, and it might result in bottlenecks, missed sales, or reduced morale. Worse yet, the labor market is tighter than in 70 years, making finding a replacement challenging. You need to find out why an employee leaves and then use that knowledge to keep your other employees around. […]

5 Traits to Look for When Hiring Salespeople

traits to look for in stone fabricator salespeople - Grand Onyx

Your stone fabricator business depends on the results of your salespeople. You could be the highest quality and most efficient provider, but without sales, that means nothing. Hiring the best salespeople is the goal, but you have to know the traits to look for that indicate the most excellent chances of success. A salesperson’s desire […]

How to Position Your Stone Fab Business for a Merger or Acquisition

How to Position Your Stone Fab Business for a Merger or Acquisition - Grand Onyx

You’ve built a successful company, and it’s time to move on to new things. Regardless of whether the business is acquired or opts for a merger, your goal is to realize the highest value. If you wish to walk away now, you may certainly do so if you’re willing to trade off a higher business […]

Give Your Sales People the Ultimate Gift: A Strong Brand

Give Your Sales People the Ultimate Gift

Your brand is everything. It determines the perception of the company, its reputation, quality, and price. A strong brand helps your salespeople with more leads, and more deals closed. It attracts the best talent and retains the great sales talent on your team. Outstanding salespeople prefer to eat steaks over frozen chicken breasts, and your […]

Top 5 Ways to Accelerate Sales as a Stone Fabricator

sales acceleration for stone fabricators - grand onyx

You’ve managed to build a successful business. Your customers are delighted, and you have excellent people working for you. Now it’s time to grow the company and take it to the next level. Stone fabricators face some unique challenges when it comes to growing their businesses. They have to consistently attract new customers that typically […]