Troubleshooting Made Easy: 4 Steps to Improve Production Efficiency  

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Ever felt like everything is going wrong and you’re not sure where to start? When your production isn’t running at speed or your machinery keeps breaking down, it can quickly feel like that. It can be frustrating – and expensive. Guess what? You’re not alone. Many of the world’s top manufacturers struggle with these same […]

Stone Fabrication in the Age of the Great Retirement: Adapt or Be Left Behind  

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We’ve all seen Help Wanted signs popping up everywhere. For years now, we’ve had trouble finding enough people. Unfortunately, it’s likely to get harder due to the significant number of people retiring. Baby Boomers have hit retirement age, and they’re calling it a career in record numbers. Pre-pandemic, about 3 million Boomers retired annually. Post-pandemic? […]

Sales Process: 5 Ways to Improve with Fewer People  

Without sales, you’re dead. It’s HARD. With the labor shortage, it’s close to impossible to find sales people, and a real challenge to keep the sales funnel full. So, how can we get more done with less? The incredible downpour of new orders during COVID is starting to come to an end. How do we […]

Profit: An Unavoidable Side Effect of Measuring Your Business

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In my early 20s, I was a supervisor for ConAgra Foods. We made Snack Pack pudding. One thing I’ll never forget is the sweet smell of the chocolate and vanilla puddings. But besides learning how to make pudding, I learned a lesson that would change the way I worked: Measuring your business makes you more […]

Making Sure Your Shop Machinery Doesn’t Have You Running in Circles

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Uncertainty right now is a real thing. We’re still recovering from COVID and we’ve just had the second- and third-largest bank failures in history. We have no idea what the fallout is or how the economy will perform moving forward. Regardless of what happens, you still need to run a strong shop and get the […]